Educational Framework

This handbook is the first output of the project, and aims to provide an overview of the current state of practice of peace education at school level, particularly in partner countries. It allows both partner organisations to understand the obstacles, gaps and opportunities related to peace education in order to develop the second and third outputs in an effective way, but also aims to provide teachers – and any other stakeholders working in the education sector – with key data on peace education and to promote the capacity building offer that will be available as a result of the project to them.

About the needs analysis

In order to produce the Educational Framework, a needs analysis was carried out in the four countries where the project is being implemented (France, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey). It consisted of directly questioning secondary school teachers and students about their experiences in terms of conflicts at school, peace education, etc. 

It is therefore based, in addition to the theoretical research of existing practices, on the feedback of:


…Responding to surveys, individual interviews and focus groups. The aim was to find out the level of awareness about peace education and the difficulties encountered, in order to develop an online course that directly addresses the needs of teachers, and in the long term those of students, enabling them to be more at peace with themselves, others and society as a whole!

“By compiling all the data and testimonies received from the four countries, it is clear that teachers’ knowledge of peace education theories is very partial or non-existent. [only…] 4,8% of the respondents [indicated being] totally familiar with the concept. “